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With COVID increasing, what are the safety protocols for shoots? 

Due to the relevance of COVID, we recommend wearing a face mask or face shield upon arrival to the studio, but it is not a requirement. Due to spacing, you are only allowed two additional people to attend the shoot unless your shoot includes two or more people. If you feel any sickness symptoms, please reach out to us ASAP to ensure the safety of everyone!

How soon should I book my photo or video shoot?

In order to plan and discuss your shoot properly, you must book your shoot 3 weeks prior to the date you’d like to schedule. 

How much is the retainer fee?
When do I pay the remaining balance?

Do you provide hair and makeup for shoots?

The retainer fee for photoshoots is $40 and $60 for video shoots or video edits. For any flyer design request, the amount will be paid upfront. The retainer fee is non-refundable and goes towards the total of your shoot. The final payment is due the day of your shoot; before or after your shoot. No images will be shared until the final payment is made.

Unfortunately, we do not provide hair and makeup for any shoots. We ask that you come ready with hair and makeup done before the shoot begins.

Can I bring additional props for my next photo shoot or video shoot?

Of course! You are more than welcomed to bring helium balloons or another prop you had in mind that is appropriate. We do provide some props for FREE including air filled balloons, confetti, chalkboard, letter board, and a grey bar stool for photoshoots.

Do I get to select the photos I want fully edited?

Part of booking with Jewel In Focus is receiving freedom in selecting your own images. We want to ensure you get the opportunity to have what you would like edited. Regardless of your shoot package, you will have over 50+ edits to choose from.

What editing will you do to the photos I select?

All photo shoot packages will have general color correction, minor retouching of the face, including minor blemish removal and skin softening, lighting enhancements, and backdrop edits, if needed. Our watermark, "JEWEL IN FOCUS", will appear on all final edits and must remain on the image.

There's so many amazing images for me to choose from! Am I able to purchase additional photos?

Yes! You can purchase additional images for $7 per photo.

When will I receive my final edits?

You will receive your 10 final edits within 7-10 days and your 15 or 20 final edits within 14 days of selecting your favorite images for editing.

If we're conducting an outdoor shoot, how much is the traveling fee?

The traveling fee is $1 per mile from my location roundtrip. 

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